Duct Cleaning

We use a specially designed dryer vent cleaning system to remove years of dangerous lint build up in your dryer vent that can cause fires and reduces your dryers efficiency a clean vent will reduce your dryers run time.

Cleaning your dryer vent system is not a maintenance task that most people think about. It's easy to remember to clean out the lint trap on our home dryer since we see that routinely, but the actual system that vents the air from the dryer to outside is another matter entirely. Over time, though, this system collects lint and debris just as the lint trap does and needs to be cleaned out.

Cleaning dryer vents is not an easy task. The dryer vent system usually consists of a flexible hose located immediately behind the dryer, which leads to a wall fitting that, in turn, leads to an exterior vent duct hood. We use a specialized cleaning system on the interior end of this system and manually clean the exterior end. By working from both sides, we ensure that the air conduit is fully free and clear of any blockages.